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- Blasting technology- Burs & drills- Knife- Stone setting bur- Steel bur round- Cylinder square- Bearing cutter- Concave cutter- Vanad steel cutter- Pointed steel cutter- Carbide cutter- Diamond instruments- Twist drills on shaft- Twist Drills Cylindrical Shank- Drills for brass, amber and perls- Corundum abrasives- Assorted bur & Drills- Casting & Melting- Wax - Wax injectors- Ingot molds- Sand for casting- Vulcanising equitment- Furnaces- Melting crucibles and dish- Flaks- Investment- Chemicals- Colorit set DP2- Dental & Polish- Dental brushes- Diamond instruments- Flexible polishers - Rubber- Flexible polishers - Silicone- Dental Tools- Dental Bur & Drills- Dental Tools- Draw equipment- Draw die (Tungsten)- Draw equipment- Draw plates- Draw plates (Tungsten)- Drawing bench- Elektroplating Equipment- Engraving & Setting Equitment- Centring- Ring engraving machine- Beading tool- Beading tool- Millgrain tool- Ring clamps- Engraving blocks & holding equipment- Fatteholder værktøj- Engraver- Arkansas in wooden box- Eyeglasses- Forging work- Mandrels- Bracelet and necklace mandrels- Dapping punches- Steel bench block- Hammers- Bezel block- Disc cutting set- Silver Forging Iron 1- Silver Forging Iron 2- Stake Holders- Necklace bust- Horn anvil- Grinding & polishing- Emmery- Emmery sticks- Circular bruches- Polishing wheels- Felt- Elastic abrasives wheels- Grinding & polishing compounds- Brass bruches- Satin finish brushes- Polishing Drums and Accessories - Burnishers- Diamond Pads- Motors- Suction bench- Miscellaneous- Lamps- Machines- Compressors - Drilling machine- Drying machine- Lathes- Plate Shears- Ring bending machine- Ringstretcher- Sanding Machine
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