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Colorit set DP2




Colorit set DP2 Desk Power DP2

LED Light

The polimerisation light DP2 which is based on LED-technic is a durable spotlight that is excellently suitable

for curing of COLORIT due to its high light power.

The integrated Royal Blue LEDs radiate light at a wavelength of 455-475 nm - the range that is needed for polymerisation

of COLORIT colours. Thus the complete light power can be used for curing of COLORIT.

In order to grant optical control during curing without putting a heavy strain to the eyes of the user the DP2 is

equipped with a orange light protection screen. The screen furthermore helps holding COLORIT to be cured at

the optimum distance to the two LED-spotlights where both light rays meet and where the highest light density


The solid package is finished by the practical working plate which is fixed to the working desk and which the

DP2 is fixed to by a strong magnet.

The high stability, the strong and durable light power as well as reliability of the COLORIT Desk Power DP2

creates the basis of precise, efficient and long-term refinements by COLORIT.


3 high output LEDs per light head and 3 Watts

each per LED

60 kg permanent magnet in the light base

Orange light protection screen

Power supply for 115-230 V including plug

Cable length 3 m

Robust, shock-resistent plastic

Flexible light arms


Minimum 60,000 hours lifespan of LED bulbs

Electricity consumption 2 x 9 Watts

Metallic base plate for fixation to workbench
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